New Years

I’m sitting here with hubby watching Carson’s show from New York, on day two of antibiotics and thinking of how much I’ve enjoyed Heather’s Bootie Buster Challenge and wondering how I can continue the motivation I’ve found with this program. Despite making some new habits that are helping me greatly with my health and fitness, I know I want to do something a little more.
So, I’ve signed up for the 5 by the 5th challenge and the 13 in 2012 challenge.
Both challenges involve running real or virtual races each month. the 5 by the 5th should be pretty easy, but I am challenging myself in the 13 in 2013 to run a half marathon distance run every month this year.

Well back to coughing and runny noses. Happy New Years All.


HBBC week 6

UGh!!!! This has been my bad week. That cold that was starting has turned in to a sinus infection that has sidelined my workouts this week. My wonderful plans to wake up and run on the strip did not happen and I traveled home dosed up on Alka Seltzer and am now visiting with a container of antibiotics and Mucinex. Yuck yuck and yuck.

Despite all that, I managed to walk quite a bit in Vegas and since returning home, get in some workouts in the pool. I even hit the trainer this afternoon for a short bike ride. Being active and moving sure helps me feel better even when I’m sick.

Foodwise, it was harder than I thought to maintain a healthy diet, especially while staying on the strip. When we were staying closer to my sister in residential LV, it wasn’t a problem but knowing whether something was completely vegetarian when eating out was tough- as well as keeping up my fruits and veg. I was lucky in that at least one meal a day was eaten at my sister’s house. My first trip to the store was to Whole Foods for a bag a Vega mix. I wanted to get Vega One, my at home go to mix, but ended up getting the Energizing Smoothie mix. This at least gave me the chance to get some quality nutrients on a daily basis. I was able to head back to Whole Foods on Christmas Eve to their deli department to pick up something delicious for Christmas Dinner. Being able to stay on track early on in the week helped me not feel too much guilt over the eating while on the strip.

Well on to the new week. My goal this week is to get back on track with workouts and heal my body. Have a great week y’all.

HBBC week 5

HI All,
This is a quick post as there is still plenty to do around this house. Goal wise for the week, I have hit my goals, but then I never really set them too high in the first place. I have stayed on track with working out, eating well and being active around my sister’s house for this holiday. I’m starting to get a cold, the dry weather, smoke and airplane travel have helped that get jump started. This morning I was really hoping to get in both a run and a swim, but unfortunately, just felt like lying in bed. Time to pour in plenty of vitamin C.

Our favorite part of this upcoming week is a last minute decision to stay on the strip. So Thursday and Friday morning, I’ll be getting up and running on the strip. That’s about all for now, I have to get changed for Christmas Eve services, then home to get stockings and such ready.

HBBC Week 4 wrap up

It’s been a good week here in Raleigh. I’ve hit all the goals I had wanted to hit this week. This week Amanda encouraged us to create a positive goal for ourselves as opposed to the previous week’s goal which allowed us to penalize ourselves for not doing something. My challenge was to try and keep up with the high fruit and vegetables count on the weekends as well as the week. How did I do? I made it on Sunday, but not Saturday. I’m glad I got one day, so I’ll be focusing this week on making that two days.
my personal goals from last week were

1. Keep up the running, increasing my pace.

2. Improve my eating habits. As a vegetarian, I should have a pretty good diet, but I don’t feel it’s very balanced. My goal this week it to work on paying more attention to what I’m eating so that over the next few weeks, I can create a more balanced diet.

So I kept up the running and while my treadmill runs stayed at the same pace, I knocked out 13+ miles at a 10 min pace. So super happy about that! One of my 2013 goals is to run a marathon. I feel I’ve done really well at increasing my baseline mileage, so from now on, I’m increasing my mileage, slowly, but surely. With regards to my eating habits, I did better this past week. Not only did I focus on getting more plant based foods in my diet during the weekend, but I also made sure that my weekday foods were more balanced, focusing on getting in a little more protein to help in muscle recovery.

This week we finish work and school and head to Las Vegas for vacation. My sister lives there so it will be more of a residential Vegas trip as opposed to Strip-side Vegas. My goals this week are to get a guest pass to the YMCA so hubby and I can get in our weights, treadmill and swim workouts. Since this is vacation, my main goal is to stay on track with food habits and with workouts. Nothing overly challenging.

Midweek checkin

Wahoo! I’ve made it to a midweek post. It’s been a good week so far. I swam long on Monday, ran on Wednesday and today rode the trainer with my husband. Each of my workouts are running around an hour, so I feel like I’m doing well.

On a mental level, I felt a certain amount of stress last week in trying to keep up with the points people in HBBC. It’s that competitive nature that us runners suffer from I think. This week I’ve really come to accept that I am challenging myself and not trying to win a race or compete against the others in my group.

So what’s up in the next few days? Tomorrow I’ve got a run scheduled, something else on Saturday and a long run on Sunday. I’m trying to build up my base mileage to start preparing for running a marathon. Oh well, off to bed!

Week 3 Wrap Up

Well….So much for blogging more this week.

1. Keep up the running, increasing my pace.

2. Improve my eating habits. As a vegetarian, I should have a pretty good diet, but I don’t feel it’s very balanced. My goal this week it to work on paying more attention to what I’m eating so that over the next few weeks, I can create a more balanced diet.

As for goal one, I didn’t run as much as possible as life and child sickness got in the way. I’ve kept up running, but not as much as I wanted or at the times I wanted. Oh Well!! I’ve got a few more weeks to work on this. I had a good run today-11 miles-and next week, I’ll move it up to 13+. Here’s glimpse of where I run my long runs.
The River next to the GreenwayGreenwayMe Running

Goal two. Eating habits. I think I did OK on this, but one week does not a habit make. We are getting back in to meal planning this week, so hopefully that will help. I’d like to try a new recipe this week, so it’s going to be a cashew cheese sauce.

Finally, this week I hit a new milestone I’ve never had before-a black toe. It showed up yesterday morning and I’m even attaching a picture for fun! I know TMI, but thought you might enjoy it. IMG_0722

HBBC Week 2 Wrap Up

Today wraps up week two of the HBBC. I was back at work so unfortunately, the blog postings have been a little light, but hopefully I’ll improve that this week. Part of this program is gaining new habits and keeping them. I’ve always wanted to have a blog and this is a great chance for me to make this a habit-a place to write and share my life.
So back to the bootie busting stuff! I was able to run on Wednesday, a treadmill run of five miles with while I increased the pace. I have two goals over the next year. 1. Bring my half marathon time down from 2:12 to closer to 2:00. 2. Increase my mileage to hopefully attempt a marathon in the spring. Thursday I had swim coaching again and I took this as a rest day but also did the WOW. That was fun and left my legs a little sore. I also stretched for 20 minutes in Amanda’s single day challenge.
Friday, I showed up at the Y ready to hit the treadmills or elliptical, but ended up getting coerced in to my friend Shannon’s spin class. My First Class EVER and I LOVED IT. The most important thing I learned in the class was how to peddle out of the saddle-serious bootie work. I will be taking that class again.
Finally to Saturday. With our daughter’s two day swim meet in our weekend plans, hubby and I decided to each take a day which left each of us with a few hours to get our long workouts done. So I put 12 miles on the plan. That 12 ended up becoming 12.2, followed by stretching, two hours shopping, and then 2 hours at a different swim meet coaching my kiddos in their season ending event. My body was quite happy when I collapsed on the couch.
So for this week, my goals are two fold.
1. Keep up the running, increasing my pace.
2. Improve my eating habits. As a vegetarian, I should have a pretty good diet, but I don’t feel it’s very balanced. My goal this week it to work on paying more attention to what I’m eating so that over the next few weeks, I can create a more balanced diet.
Well that’s it for this week. Will hopefully write soon.

Workout Update

Two great days working out. Monday our little one has swim practice, so I use that time to hit the treadmill. 5 1/2 miles knocked out at a good pace, so I was happy. Tuesday is my swim night, but not as in workouts. I’m a swim coach for the YMCA. I work in a program called competitor that takes children who have mastered swim lessons, but aren’t ready or want to join the full competitive swim team. We help them refine their strokes, and then run two swim meets a season, so they can see what a meet is like. So for me, Tuesdays and Thursdays means 50 minutes of swimming back and forth in the pool working with my littles and guiding them on to better things.
Last night, after my lesson, hubby and I met up with my parents and our little one at the local froyo shop. Love love love this place, and the once in a while indulgence. It was the perfect way to spend their final night in town.
So today, my parents head to the airport and the three of us head back to a normal life.

HBBC Weekly Wrap up

Well this was a week I wasn’t expecting to be so tough. Starting with the stomach problems, then having to force myself out the house to run has been challenging.  I managed runs on from Thanksgiving day onwards and finally felt pretty decent by yesterdays run. Yesterday the 23 degree temp called me to stay in bed, so I ran a little later in the day. Just a short 5 miler instead of my normal 10 miles. A soon as I got back, we left for the Y to hit the pool.  Being back in the water felt good after 10 days. A mile and a bit later. I felt much better.

With all the stomach issues I’ve had, getting back to my smoothies was something I wasn’t looking forward to in case it caused a reaction. I finally tried one for breakfast and tentatively, it looks like that went down well. There is nothing like getting back in to a routine to help the healing process.

So overall my mileage for the week….

Runs, 5 mi, 4 mi, 5 mi =14 points

Walks, 2miles on Thanksgiving with the family

2.2 miles the day after =4.2

Other workouts

Swim 40 min on Sunday = 2


As a vegetarian, this should be pretty easy- not this week!

four days of five or more, one day of eight! =5

Bonus points!

Walking with the family on Thanksgiving Day. =1

2 hours cooking and cleaning on Thanksgiving day. =2

Tweeting about joining the program creating this blog and adding the HBBC Badge. =2

Total Points for the week, 30.2

Who do you trust? The dreadmill or the Garmin?

Today my hubby and I ended up at the gym, him to the weights and me the treadmill.  After a pretty decent warmup I turned up the speed to a nice 7.0. I heard my Garmin/footpod beep a mile later and looked down.  It read 13.46 min/mile. The treadmill said 8.41 min/mile.  So which do you believe? While I know the treadmill isn’t exactly accurate, but today I think my Garmin ate too much turkey yesterday. Either way…. I’m happy with my four miles today.

I followed it up with a three mile walk with my parents. Didn’t quite hit the seven veggies today, but I’m getting back to normal post illness.