HBBC Week 3

Wahoo for being back at work and back to a routine! Well almost.

Veggies are back on track, workouts are getting there and I feel mildly normal and not not as bloated as the past two weeks of vacation. I’m still nursing the running injury from hell… the IT band to PFS pain where its basically painful to walk down stairs and attempt any type of weight bearing knee bending. Running? Ha! not going to happen.
So what am I doing, well spin classes have been fun. I have an awesome friend who does classes and she makes sure I get in a great workout. I’m also sticking to the pool like glue. I’m changing up my workouts there too in the hopes that the changes will elicit some extra calorie burning.

While I fell back on track with food, there have been some hiccoughs. Monday I had a spot on my face removed by the dermatologist. On Wednesday, I was back in the podiatrists office to get the wart on my heel treated. Between the two events, I was an emotional mess. Big ugly black mark on my face, barely able to walk, PMSing on top of that…and I fell from the healthy life. I hit Target and picked up a 16oz bag of Cadburys Chocolate Balls. By the evening, there was one serving left. I missed dinner and dessert to compensate for the added calories, but then just felt worse for having slipped in the first place.

I slowly started drinking plenty of fluids, Nuun, tea, water and kept myself moving. By Friday I felt better and ready to tackle the weekend where I was able to knock out a couple of workouts and take a birthday trip with the family. Let’s hope next week is better.


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