Nothing New Here, well not really

Life has been very hectic and not at all quiet in the past two weeks. Unfortunately not enough running to encompass a post. Our little one had a week off swimming which meant three days away from the YMCA. I missed out on running one of those days and got in a quick 4 miles on the other. The third day is a scheduled swim day and we made it there but not for long as little one got hurt in the pool while practicing flip turns. I focused my time on my strength training and using the bike(on the trainer) to get in some time.
We are also in the process of moving, so workout time is becoming a privilege as we pack boxes and declutter the house. This has been a cleansing experience as we start to realize that lots of the things we have held on to for years are just no longer needed. This move has been a quick one for us, (a 34 day escrow), so we are moving in to a short term lease to give us time to decide what to do. This is going to provide us with more time to live on a minimal amount of household goods. It’s a good experience. Stressful, but good. Thanks to Thrive Forward, I am conscious of the decisions I am making for food choices and that this increased need to eat chocolate is because I’m not controlling my stress.

It’s all good.


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