Jelly Bean Virtual Race

Ok, I admit it, I’m a cheap skate when it comes to races. I would much rather hit up the loop near our house, or the Neuse greenway and run 13 miles than pay money to do the same thing. I’m also trying to keep up my mileage this year and signed on for the 13 in 2013 race series. Thank goodness I can do some of these virtual runs, which honestly, I thought was pretty silly before now. I see their purpose now.
So I signed up for Jen’s Jelly Bean Virtual Race and that came this weekend, so it was 13.1 on the greenway for me. It was a cloudy day, but hovered around 49, so at least no leggings, just capris, tshirt and long sleeve top. I headed out and did pretty well. The run itself was great and I detoured through the neighboring communities to get in some added mileage. After a while when you’ve been running by a river, in the trees, you can get pretty bored of green. My shin didn’t bother me-score.
The Garmin says I did 13.25 and of that 13.1 in 2:11:10, so a new PR by 10 seconds.

That has to be one of the ugliest pictures I've taken in a while.

That has to be one of the ugliest pictures I’ve taken in a while.

Next week I’m aiming to break 2:10.

Home, lunch and then hubby and I spread mulch for 4 1/2 hours. The strange thing that’s changing in me is that I’m less hungry after long runs. I think it’s because I’m grabbing a protein smoothie instead of carbs or something else. Either way I’m thrilled about it. I know that if i can lose that “last five pounds”… heard that before?


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