Wake Tech 5K and weekend.

Last week I ran the inaugural Wake Tech 5K. I’m not normally a 5K runner, just feel I can spend my running dollars on longer races, but this was for my employer, so had to show up. I was also volunteering, so made for more of a reason to be there.
I was supposed to help out set up the post race tables, but seeing that it was taken care of, I decided to help in registration handing out the chips with my friend. Turns out I was one of the few experienced runners there, so I spent an hour showing people how to attach the chips to their shoes. MUCH more fun. So to the race.
It was a relatively flat course and I had planned to go out hard and stay hard and I did(almost)! At the start, I found my friend Rachel, who I knew was capable of winning and also runs 5ks much more frequently and kept on her rear for the first two miles, but after then I realized I couldn’t keep up her pace. I was feeling like I was going to throw up and my body was saying SLOW DOWN!!. I listened. I had to stop and remove a rock from my Newton lugs, no problem, but got started again and came up to the final 200 and started to pick up the pace. Some guy comes from my side and was trying to run past, forget that buddy, and I kicked it in gear and sprint for the finish line. My time was no where near my goal of 25 minutes, but I hit the line at 28:27, still an 8:57 pace.
Here’s the strange thing. The race day results had me as the second place winner, so at the awards I was expecting that. However they called me up for first place. Ok, I’ll take that. Here’s where it got strange. When the race results were posted, I was listed at in 1st place again, but then a day later, the results were changed and then I was in second again. I contact the race director to say I’d be willing to give my medal back in favor of the girl who actually won, but he said don’t worry about it. OK! I won’t! As for Rachel, she was the overall winner.

Rachel and Julia

Rachel and Julia

The race bag was awesome! Clif Bars, race info, coupons for Sheetz and McDonalds, a water bottle, bag and tech shirt. Headed home afterwards and spent two hours gardening with hubby and daughter and then spent the afternoon picking up flowers at Lowes and planting them.

3 Miles was not enough for my weekend though, so I headed back out for nine miles the following day. It was a little slower than normal, but a good pace.


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