Crystal Coast Half Marathon Wrap Up

The sun dawned on a beautiful day in Morehead City. The prospect of a wonderful run across the bridge and in to Atlantic Beach was a head of me—NOT!! It was a rainy, thundery day in Morehead City and that running experience included rain gear and a poncho, but some good friends.
The Crystal Coast Half Marathon takes runners through the downtown area of Morehead City, across the Intercoastal Waterway Bridge and through Atlantic Beach. In six of the past eight years, there has been wind, rain, and cold weather, but it’s a great run and relatively flat. My friend Shannon convinced me to come run the race with her and some friends about a week before. Considering I’m running more than 13 miles in my long run, it was easy to taper and be ready a week in advance. I was up on time, got in my regular prerace meal, and about 40 minutes before race time, headed out. It was a small crowd, no speakers so no announcements and unfortunately no music, but soon later we started. The route took us out and back through Morehead City and then turned and headed over the Atlantic Beach Bridge and back again. I went out a little fast and ended up slowing down at mile 11. I’ve yet to figure out race strategy, but I’m getting there. In the meantime, I need to decide how to slow down at the beginning and pick it up more at the end. My goal time was 2:10, but ended up coming in at 2:12. Not bad considering the rain.

The goodie bags weren’t much to talk about, just a few flyers, of which some were for races that had already happened. No treats, race food, nothing. The T-shirts, while tech shirts, were burgundy. Not a color I would go back for. After the race, we hung around and waited for the rest of our group, then headed back to the house to shower. I was planning on heading straight back as had things to do, but everyone else was staying to hang around, so I got my butt in gear packed my stuff and hit up Starbucks for a large tea before the three hour drive back to Raleigh. Will I do this race again? Maybe, but I think I can spend the money better somewhere else.


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