Final Week HBBC

Well, I made my final week memorable, still exercising and focusing on food, while fighting the sinus infection. I was able to get in the water and swim about an hour a day. I tried running earlier on in the week and ended up with an uncontrollable cough for about 24 hours later. I discovered a little while later, that you are supposed wait 72 hours after starting antibiotics before running. ooops. So swam the rest of the week, stretched and starting running in the last couple of days. I feel so much better and can’t wait to get back on the paths and running long adn strong again. This break has given my husband and I a chance to talk and start devising a new training plan for me to increase speed and endurance.
On the food front, I accomplished a great and wonderful thing, pill taking. I’ve never been able to swallow pills and have always had to crunch them up and put them in ice cream. This week, I learned to sprinkle it in applesauce. At least I can save a few calories by not having to eat ice cream three times a day. :o)
Beyond my great discovery of the week, my food choices have been good. Thanks to a friend, I found the Lunchbox Brunch and found a new smoothie recipe this week. It’s been a great change from the strawberry and pineapple smoothies. In addition to smoothies, I’ve focused on eating good quality plant based foods.
This experience with the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge has been great. I’ve been able to focus on the holiday but also to be accountable to group of online friends to keep up with healthy eating and exercise. I have started new habits and seen the effects of doing other exercises as well as running and swimming.
Where do I go from here? Well I’ve signed up for the 5 by the 5th and 13 in 2013 to keep myself accountable for running. I’ve also signed up for Thrive Forward with Brendan Brazier. I really believe in the power of Vega products, so I hope this experience with further my goals of plant based healthier eating.


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