HBBC week 6

UGh!!!! This has been my bad week. That cold that was starting has turned in to a sinus infection that has sidelined my workouts this week. My wonderful plans to wake up and run on the strip did not happen and I traveled home dosed up on Alka Seltzer and am now visiting with a container of antibiotics and Mucinex. Yuck yuck and yuck.

Despite all that, I managed to walk quite a bit in Vegas and since returning home, get in some workouts in the pool. I even hit the trainer this afternoon for a short bike ride. Being active and moving sure helps me feel better even when I’m sick.

Foodwise, it was harder than I thought to maintain a healthy diet, especially while staying on the strip. When we were staying closer to my sister in residential LV, it wasn’t a problem but knowing whether something was completely vegetarian when eating out was tough- as well as keeping up my fruits and veg. I was lucky in that at least one meal a day was eaten at my sister’s house. My first trip to the store was to Whole Foods for a bag a Vega mix. I wanted to get Vega One, my at home go to mix, but ended up getting the Energizing Smoothie mix. This at least gave me the chance to get some quality nutrients on a daily basis. I was able to head back to Whole Foods on Christmas Eve to their deli department to pick up something delicious for Christmas Dinner. Being able to stay on track early on in the week helped me not feel too much guilt over the eating while on the strip.

Well on to the new week. My goal this week is to get back on track with workouts and heal my body. Have a great week y’all.


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