HBBC Week 4 wrap up

It’s been a good week here in Raleigh. I’ve hit all the goals I had wanted to hit this week. This week Amanda encouraged us to create a positive goal for ourselves as opposed to the previous week’s goal which allowed us to penalize ourselves for not doing something. My challenge was to try and keep up with the high fruit and vegetables count on the weekends as well as the week. How did I do? I made it on Sunday, but not Saturday. I’m glad I got one day, so I’ll be focusing this week on making that two days.
my personal goals from last week were

1. Keep up the running, increasing my pace.

2. Improve my eating habits. As a vegetarian, I should have a pretty good diet, but I don’t feel it’s very balanced. My goal this week it to work on paying more attention to what I’m eating so that over the next few weeks, I can create a more balanced diet.

So I kept up the running and while my treadmill runs stayed at the same pace, I knocked out 13+ miles at a 10 min pace. So super happy about that! One of my 2013 goals is to run a marathon. I feel I’ve done really well at increasing my baseline mileage, so from now on, I’m increasing my mileage, slowly, but surely. With regards to my eating habits, I did better this past week. Not only did I focus on getting more plant based foods in my diet during the weekend, but I also made sure that my weekday foods were more balanced, focusing on getting in a little more protein to help in muscle recovery.

This week we finish work and school and head to Las Vegas for vacation. My sister lives there so it will be more of a residential Vegas trip as opposed to Strip-side Vegas. My goals this week are to get a guest pass to the YMCA so hubby and I can get in our weights, treadmill and swim workouts. Since this is vacation, my main goal is to stay on track with food habits and with workouts. Nothing overly challenging.


2 thoughts on “HBBC Week 4 wrap up

  1. it’s suprisingly easy not to eat well and be vegan or vegetarian or paleo or anything else 🙂 But just being aware certainly gets you moving in the right direction. YEAHH for a first marathon…any idea which one?

    • I’m thinking either the Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach or the very local Tobacco Road marathon. Both are in March. I wish I could do something a little further away but I don’t think our budget could handle another destination race right now.

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