Week 3 Wrap Up

Well….So much for blogging more this week.

1. Keep up the running, increasing my pace.

2. Improve my eating habits. As a vegetarian, I should have a pretty good diet, but I don’t feel it’s very balanced. My goal this week it to work on paying more attention to what I’m eating so that over the next few weeks, I can create a more balanced diet.

As for goal one, I didn’t run as much as possible as life and child sickness got in the way. I’ve kept up running, but not as much as I wanted or at the times I wanted. Oh Well!! I’ve got a few more weeks to work on this. I had a good run today-11 miles-and next week, I’ll move it up to 13+. Here’s glimpse of where I run my long runs.
The River next to the GreenwayGreenwayMe Running

Goal two. Eating habits. I think I did OK on this, but one week does not a habit make. We are getting back in to meal planning this week, so hopefully that will help. I’d like to try a new recipe this week, so it’s going to be a cashew cheese sauce.

Finally, this week I hit a new milestone I’ve never had before-a black toe. It showed up yesterday morning and I’m even attaching a picture for fun! I know TMI, but thought you might enjoy it. IMG_0722


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