HBBC Week 2 Wrap Up

Today wraps up week two of the HBBC. I was back at work so unfortunately, the blog postings have been a little light, but hopefully I’ll improve that this week. Part of this program is gaining new habits and keeping them. I’ve always wanted to have a blog and this is a great chance for me to make this a habit-a place to write and share my life.
So back to the bootie busting stuff! I was able to run on Wednesday, a treadmill run of five miles with while I increased the pace. I have two goals over the next year. 1. Bring my half marathon time down from 2:12 to closer to 2:00. 2. Increase my mileage to hopefully attempt a marathon in the spring. Thursday I had swim coaching again and I took this as a rest day but also did the WOW. That was fun and left my legs a little sore. I also stretched for 20 minutes in Amanda’s single day challenge.
Friday, I showed up at the Y ready to hit the treadmills or elliptical, but ended up getting coerced in to my friend Shannon’s spin class. My First Class EVER and I LOVED IT. The most important thing I learned in the class was how to peddle out of the saddle-serious bootie work. I will be taking that class again.
Finally to Saturday. With our daughter’s two day swim meet in our weekend plans, hubby and I decided to each take a day which left each of us with a few hours to get our long workouts done. So I put 12 miles on the plan. That 12 ended up becoming 12.2, followed by stretching, two hours shopping, and then 2 hours at a different swim meet coaching my kiddos in their season ending event. My body was quite happy when I collapsed on the couch.
So for this week, my goals are two fold.
1. Keep up the running, increasing my pace.
2. Improve my eating habits. As a vegetarian, I should have a pretty good diet, but I don’t feel it’s very balanced. My goal this week it to work on paying more attention to what I’m eating so that over the next few weeks, I can create a more balanced diet.
Well that’s it for this week. Will hopefully write soon.


One thought on “HBBC Week 2 Wrap Up

  1. Congrats on starting a blog, it really is a great place to document your training and progress, I’ve only been blogging for just over a year and even looking back over that short time is amazing! I really need to try a spinning class, I’m so intimidated by them though! Good luck with your goals for this week!

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