Workout Update

Two great days working out. Monday our little one has swim practice, so I use that time to hit the treadmill. 5 1/2 miles knocked out at a good pace, so I was happy. Tuesday is my swim night, but not as in workouts. I’m a swim coach for the YMCA. I work in a program called competitor that takes children who have mastered swim lessons, but aren’t ready or want to join the full competitive swim team. We help them refine their strokes, and then run two swim meets a season, so they can see what a meet is like. So for me, Tuesdays and Thursdays means 50 minutes of swimming back and forth in the pool working with my littles and guiding them on to better things.
Last night, after my lesson, hubby and I met up with my parents and our little one at the local froyo shop. Love love love this place, and the once in a while indulgence. It was the perfect way to spend their final night in town.
So today, my parents head to the airport and the three of us head back to a normal life.


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