HBBC Weekly Wrap up

Well this was a week I wasn’t expecting to be so tough. Starting with the stomach problems, then having to force myself out the house to run has been challenging.  I managed runs on from Thanksgiving day onwards and finally felt pretty decent by yesterdays run. Yesterday the 23 degree temp called me to stay in bed, so I ran a little later in the day. Just a short 5 miler instead of my normal 10 miles. A soon as I got back, we left for the Y to hit the pool.  Being back in the water felt good after 10 days. A mile and a bit later. I felt much better.

With all the stomach issues I’ve had, getting back to my smoothies was something I wasn’t looking forward to in case it caused a reaction. I finally tried one for breakfast and tentatively, it looks like that went down well. There is nothing like getting back in to a routine to help the healing process.

So overall my mileage for the week….

Runs, 5 mi, 4 mi, 5 mi =14 points

Walks, 2miles on Thanksgiving with the family

2.2 miles the day after =4.2

Other workouts

Swim 40 min on Sunday = 2


As a vegetarian, this should be pretty easy- not this week!

four days of five or more, one day of eight! =5

Bonus points!

Walking with the family on Thanksgiving Day. =1

2 hours cooking and cleaning on Thanksgiving day. =2

Tweeting about joining the program creating this blog and adding the HBBC Badge. =2

Total Points for the week, 30.2


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